Ergonomics for the workplace
bedrijfsfysiotherapie-1Advice for work, posture and movement
One of the main causes of absenteeism in the workplace are musculo-skeletal disorders e.g. RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

What is ergonomics for the workplace?
Ergonomics for the workplace is a specialization within physical therapy which is focused on absenteeism prevention. Consultants in ergonomics work together with the employers and employees to prevent health care problems, decrease absenteeism through illness, cure work related musculo-skeletal disorders and play a part in the re-integration of employees with a long lasting illness.
Sint Maarten Health Care Clinic can help prevent, decrease or cure work related musculo-skeletal disorders by offering you a workplace assessment for employees.

We offer advice to individual employees and help them to prevent or decrease (work related) complaints, especially for those who work with computers.

We can advise employers and support them with the re-integration of their employees. Even physical therapy treatments at the workplace are a possibility.

We also offer advice in the furnishing of the workplace. For example, lighting, the height of the chair or desk.

In addition we can educate employers and employees through workshops or presentations. These are based on the 5-W model; Work tasks, Working hours, Work pressure, Work place en Working methods.

Ergonomics can play an important role in the health care management of a company.

What does an ergonomics consultant do?
1. Individual workplace assessments. Tailor made solutions will be offered through an extensive report. This report will outline the obstacles and will give advice concerning posture, work tasks and working methods of the employee. It will also give advice related to the furnishing of the work layout.

2. Assist and, if necessary, provide physical therapy treatments for employees on an individual basis. This is to make them aware of their own work posture.

3. Present a workshop or make a presentation for a group of employees based on the 5-W model. Within this presentation the relationship between work and physical disability will be clarified with an emphasis on prevention.

4. Offer weekly or monthly ergonomic consultations to observe the cause of disorders in an early stage.

If you are interested in our services you can contact us to discuss the possibility of giving a presentation to you and your management team without obligations.