Astrid Sibson Jansen

Physical Therapist
Peripheral vascular diseases
Astrid Sibson Jansen
Astrid started her education for Physical Therapy in Portugal and graduated in 2008 from the European School of Physiotherapy at the Hogeschool Amsterdam. In 2012 she also graduated as an acupuncturist at the TCM Academy in the Netherlands. Over the years she attended many post-graduation courses under which peripheral vascular diseases, medical taping, Mulligan concept, courses related to Diabetes and COPD.
As an acupuncturist she is specialized in menstruation complaints, infertility, anxiety, stomach and intestinal complaints, overweight and migraine. In 2018 she took a sabbatical year and traveled around the world after which she decided to come to Sint Maarten. She works for Sint Maarten Health Care Clinic since 2019. She mainly attends to patients in the clinic with musculo-skeletal disorders.