Dry Needling

Dry Needling
Dry needling, often called IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) is a technique used to treat dysfunction of skeletal muscle and connective tissue, minimize peripheral nociception (pain), and improves or regulate structural or functional
Although IMS uses implements adapted from traditional acupuncture it is based on scientific, neuro-anatomical and physiological principles.

IMS is an effective treatment for chronic pain of neuropathic origin. The technique is unequaled for locating and diagnosing muscle shortening in deeper muscles.

The acupuncture needle used is very thin, much thinner than the hollow needle used for injections or blood samples. You should not feel the needle entering your skin. If your muscle is supersensitive and shortened, you may feel a peculiar sensation like a muscle cramp
This is a distinctive type of discomfort caused by the muscle grasping the needle. The needling has caused your abnormal muscle shortening to intensify for a moment. It is then released, followed by relief and relaxation.

The physiotherapist will combine IMS with a tailored exercise program to keep your muscles released and relaxed.

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