Steven Rumeser

Sports rehabilitation
Steven Rumeser
Steven graduated from the Academy for Physiotherapy in Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 1980. After graduation he worked part-time in a private clinic in Zeist and part-time in the institution "De Sterrenberg" for physically and mentally disabled persons. In 1984 he got an job offer on the island of Curacao where he worked in the General Hospital "St. Elisabeth" and at a clinic specializing in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. Over the years he attended to many post graduation courses in Sports Rehabilitation because of his particular interest in Sports. In 1986 he moved to another Dutch Antillean island, Sint Maarten, where he started working in a private clinic. In 1988 he decided to start his own Physical Therapy clinic and he became the founder of The St. Maarten Health Care Clinic, a clinic for Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation. He works mainly outside the clinic attending to patients at home with musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders. Furthermore he is serving the community of Sint Maarten through volunteer work and is a member of the Sint Maarten Rotary Club.